Let Our Mailbox Rental be Your Virtual Office Solution

When you have a private mailbox at The UPS Store, you get convenience, professionalism and other services to help run your business (or your personal life) more efficiently.

Discover the benefits of a having a private personal or business mailbox rental in DC at The UPS Store:

  • Secure your Identification

    Never miss delivery. Pick up your mail when it is convenient for you. Your mail stays safe and confidential.

  • Best DC Business

  • prestigious downtown street address that provides a professional image for your business. Your mailbox rental in DC is more than just a box, it's a solution!

  • 24-hour mailbox access

  • Full-service mail and package receiving
  • We accept packages from all carriers and couriers, so you will never miss a delivery. (US Mail P.O. Box accepts only U.S. mail).
  • Mail holding and mail forwarding at anywhere

  • Mail forwarding is done on the schedule you choose.
  • We will hold your packages in a secure location for pick up at your convenience for up to 3 days, or forward them to you, wherever you are. (additional fees may be applied for storage after 3 days)
  • Call-in Mail Check

    Save time. Save a trip. Call us to find out if you have mail (FOR BUSINESS MAIL BOX & UP) (Additional fee for Personal Size).
  • Email Notification

    Your mailbox rental has special features. Know when your packages arrive. We will send you email or text message notification of your package arriving at our store.

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Available Contracts

Terms of contract3 Months
6 Months
(+1 Free Mo.)
12 Months
(+3 Free Mo.)

Personal (Small)
Business) (Small)
Business (Medium)
Corporation /
Wedding Gift arrange
Special Requirements:
Please speak with an associate.

Note: Additional $5.00 handling fee each time your mailbox overflows.
One time set up fee: $15.00, each key - $15.00 24hr key-$15.00

Mail Forwarding service fees: Minimum $5.00 service fee, plus cost of packaging and shipping. Service fee can vary for larger quantities of mail or complicated shipping requirements

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