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Introducing the

House Account

from The UPS Store at 1718 M St NW.

Whether you’re keeping an eye on the books, or an eye on the clock, a House Account from our The UPS Store can help.

As an M St. The UPS Store customer, you will receive personalized service and convenience – so you can have a more productive day.

The UPS Store House Account gets you:

  • Monthly billing for easy expense and tracking
  • Time saving, no signature required service
  • One stop for your packaging and servicing needs
  • Group authorization so your employees can do business at The UPS Store for you
  • Small office moving
  • Shipping and packaging discounts available only to House Account holders (not available through your on-line corporate account)
  • Regular specials available only through the M St The UPS Store
  • Discounts on document services for House Account holders
  • Timing saving pack n ship service, frees up your time for making money

Do You Have a large, priority shipping requirement?

Let us get you the best value for your time. Bring your shipment to us, or if you are nearby, we will pick it and package it for you.

  • More than $150 of 1st or 2nd Day air receives 15% discount on packaging materials and Free packing service.

Enjoy the advantages of being one of our customers. Ask how your business can open up a House Account at our The UPS Store.

For your convenience, you can complete your application on-line by filling out the secure form below or you can download the form and print it. The form can be faxed to us at 202-785-3605.

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Customer Information
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Business (House Account) Name
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Credit Card Information
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Issuing Name
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Terms of Billing
Payment Terms
 Charge my credit card each month.
 I will pay by check each month.
Center will charge to my credit card any payment not received by the Center within
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days of the statement date.

Customer will be sent a statement of charges at the end of each month. The Customer acknowledges responsibility to pay an amount equal to the total of all purchases and charges reflected on the statement, whether incurred by the Customer or by an individual authorized by the Customer above. As designated above, Customer authorizes charging the Customer’s credit card or will pay by Customer check. Charges to a Customer’s card will be made automatically on the statement date (on the __ day after the statement date). Check payments must be received by the Center within the number of days (indicated above) of the statement date, or the Center will charge the amount due to the Customer’s credit card.

In the event that a charge is rejected or a check is returned for any reason, Customer agrees to make full and prompt payment immediately upon receipt of notice. Customer is responsible for and will reimburse any fees or charges incurred by the Center as a result of a rejected charge or returned check.

Interest at the rate of 1.5% per month will be assessed on the total of any amounts not paid within thirty (30) days of the statement date. The Customer agrees to pay any and all costs, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, incurred by the Center in an attempt to collect any outstanding balances(s). The Center may, in its sole discretion, suspend or cancel any House Account with a balance unpaid more than 30 days after the statement date.

This credit card authorization does not constitute an agreement to provide, nor is it intended to imply the existence of, any extension of credit or any credit options. The Center may, at its discretion, restrict charges on this House Account in general or with respect to any type of products and/or services. The Center may also cancel this agreement at any time for any reason by giving written notice to the Customer, at which time all amounts then outstanding are due and payable immediately.

By submitting this form Customer (you) agree fully to the above conditions without exception.  (All fields are required. Incomplete or false information listed on this application will result in termination of the account.)

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